Our mission is to create sustainable values for the society of tomorrow


About Us

We use a variety of methodologies to study global markets with discipline and focus in order to provide market-leading investment returns for our company. To uncover and seize new possibilities, we equip the brightest minds in finance with an unrivaled combination of deep foundational research, predictive analytics, and cutting-edge technology. To create sustainable values, our world-class global team combines the art of investing with the science of finance. Our purpose is driven by a culture of excellence in which we are always improving, learning and winning with integrity.

Our values


We are the leaders of our own future – At MB Capital we take leadership seriously. We want to give our people the best advice and help them to outgrow themselves. Our goal is to create a secure and familiar environment for our teams so that they can have the best possible context within which to work. We want our people to trust in our decisions and furthermore promote them.


We always stay loyal to our values and make decisions that are full of integrity to our ideals. We act direct and decisively without any compromise to our principals of decency, honesty, incorruptibility and reliability. We also attach value to open communication within our teams.


Investing in a sustainable future is our biggest priority. We are responsible for the future of our environment and our children. Our mission is to participate in companies that care about their carbon footprint. Furthermore, we always check that our investments are ethical.


Our strategy is what makes us different. The way we think and try to solve problems every day makes us unique. We work relentlessly on finding solutions for global problems and take investing to a new level, focusing on all major asset classes across the world’s capital markets.


We are driven by a thirst for knowledge. We are constantly learning – from each other and from inspired thinkers around the world. We passionately pursue new ideas, new innovations and new strategies that will strengthen our competitive advantage and also help to create opportunities for the following generation.

Future perspective

Today we make the decisions for tomorrow. We always seek out new challenges and investment opportunities that help us to develop ourselves. We take our responsibility seriously and try to make an impact on global investing. We want to be part of a change – for our environment and our children.


In the year 2022, MB Capital strives for growth. Our plan is to enter into further partnerships with promising companies and found new subsidiary companies. With the focus on sustainability we use our expertise and knowledge to help our investments grow fast.


Founded in the year 2021 MB Capital acquired its first company – ACC Trading. This was our first major investment and is part of a global offensive to create sustainable growth.

Development of an idea

In 2021 we set the cornerstone for the future at MB Capital. Our mission was to build a company that redefines how we invest – for our society and for our competitors.

Our investment strategies