Investment Strategies
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In the search for profitable investments, ideas aren't enough. Our members have a collective dedication of more than a decade to achieving superior returns by using their skills to conduct basic research and sophisticated quantitative analysis to bring their ideas to market. We move quickly and methodically to capitalize on opportunities with the most potential, operating in an excellence-driven culture and leveraging long-term partnerships with thousands of organizations and institutions. MB Capital's investing strategies span the globe's capital markets and cover all major asset classes. We distribute our capital across a variety of investing strategies with the goal of outperforming the market.

Our diverse investment solutions are distinct but complementary to one another, and they address a variety of portfolio needs.


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Merger and Acquisitions

In selecting our portfolio, our major focus is on investing in sustainable and ethical companies. In order to minimize risks, we conduct an extensive makro analysis following a due diligence process. To achieve higher returns we use our knowledge to help our investments grow.


We monitor global markets around the world to catch the best investment opportunities. Investing in future technologies and AI allows us to gain a competitive advantage. We develop data analysis for global economic activities. MB Capital invests in companies in the Technology, Pharmaceutical, Media and Entertainment and Industrial sectors.


MB Capital's commodities team seeks to generate above average returns through fundamental research, proprietary analytical methodologies, and quantitative analysis. Our powerful technological platform, which enables us to swiftly and fully study trends within a market or product, conduct scenario analysis, and increase the overall accuracy of our views, is an important component of this process.

Global Quantative Strategies

Global Quantitative Strategies (GQS) is the systematic investment business within MB Capital. We develop and monetize future insights using cutting-edge research approaches and technology. We apply advanced statistical and quantitative modeling techniques to historical and current data which we collect to identify and capture investment opportunities. Our collaborative approach unlocks the full potential of our brilliant work force, allowing us to creatively address the most difficult problems in the investment sector.

Metaverse Ventures

Future technologies such as Blockchain technology are becoming more and more relevant to fields such as financial services. The way services such as digital payments work are going to change. Fast and secure money transfer throughout crypto currencies will be part of our future everyday life. Similarly, the Media and Entertainment sector will experience some major changes through new technologies such as the metaverse. Our mission at MB Capital is to constantly research new ways of investing in this sector and drive the development of sustainable technologies.

Risk Management

In order to capitalize on opportunities and enhance our performance, we attempt to manage risk. Across all of our strategies, risk estimation and management are deeply integrated components of the investing process. In strong markets, we think a well-constructed portfolio will outperform, and in bad ones, it will protect our capital. Our strategy is further strengthened by a focus on financial markets, unique risk algorithms, and a diversified funding structure.


To improve performance, we use proactive risk management. Our whole investment process relies on strict risk management and risk budgeting. Dedicated risk managers collaborate with the Portfolio Management team to assess each trade before it is executed. The nature of our assets and the regularity of underlying performance updates necessitate a bespoke risk management approach, in addition to calculating and tracking typical industry-wide measures of portfolio risk and risk efficiency. Setting a risk budget, evaluating its usage, and stress testing portfolios are all part of this process. Our integrated risk management process gives the team a better understanding of the sources of portfolio risk, allowing us to identify the risk-based elements that drive performance based on our market outlook.

Risk management that is aligned with our strategic aims is critical to our company operations. As a result, MB Capital employs a variety of strategies to address various types of risks that may occur over the course of our operations. These methods address a variety of hazards, including reputational issues. Potential reputational risks can originate from a variety of factors, including the nature or purpose of a proposed transaction or service, the identity or behaviors of a potential consumer, or the regulatory and political climate in which the transaction occurs. They may also occur as a result of a transaction's potentially contentious environmental or social consequences. As part of the reputational risk review process, potential reputational risks linked with anticipated company transactions or customer behaviors are considered.